Hacketts are Ireland's largest independent bookmaker. With over 40 years experience, Hacketts provide Irelands top betting facility in all our branches throughout the Republic of Ireland plus two on-course offices.
Hackett's provide a Tele-betting service for registered customers on www.betpack.com
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  • Bet by phone
    To place a bet with your telephone betting account, FREE PHONE 1800 844 238. When you call you will be asked for your details first. The Hackett's betting agent will verify your account, and tell you the balance in your account. To place your bet, tell the betting agent, the bet details. The agent will repeat your bet. It is important to listen as the operator reads back your bet, so that you may confirm or correct it before it is registered. As soon as you accept your bet, your account is debited. Your conversation is recorded and kept for reference. Winnings will be credited immediately after the results are official. Account statements are mailed upon request.

    How to place a bet
    To place a bet is simple. Once your account has been setup and you have sufficient funds deposited, all you need to do is call Hackett's Telebetting centre in Betpack (1800 844 238) and place you bet with the asigned agent.

    How to deposit money
    When you set up your telebetting account with Hackett's your credit card details are taken. To deposit money to your hackett's account call Hackett's telebetting centre.

    Further Information
    For further details and eligibility, please email betpacksupport@betpack.com or FREE PHONE (1800 844 238)

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